Jennifer Aaker
The dragonfly effect
Mark Abley
spoken here
Nancy Abrams
The view from the center of the universe
David Acheson
1089 and all that
From Calculus to Chaos
Amir Aczel
God's Equation
The mystery of the aleph
Fermat's Last Theorem
Pendulum: Leon Foucault and the triumph of science
The Artist and the mathematician
Andrew Adamatzky
Collision-based computing
Douglas Adams
The Salmon of Doubt
Fred Adams
Origins of Existence
The Five Ages of the Universe
Scott Adams
God's Debris
C.J. Adkins
Equilibrium thermodynamics
Jean Aitchison
Linguistics: An Introduction
Language change: progress or decay
Igor Aleksander
Impossible Minds
Jim Al-Khalili
Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines
David Z Albert
Time and Chance
Susan Aldridge
The Thread of Life
Robin Allen
Feynman Lectures on Computation
Susan Allport
The queen of fats
Martyn Amos
Genesis Machines
E A Andryushin
Natalie Angier
The Canon: The Beautiful Basics of Science
Raf Anzovin
3D Toons
Steve Anzovin
3D Toons
Bryan Appleyard
How to Live Forever or Die Trying
Peter W Atkins
Galileo's Finger
The second law
Four Laws that drive the Universe
Alan Axelrod
Elizabeth I CEO
Robert Axtell
Growing artificial societies
Ian Ayres
Super Crunchers
Guido Bacciagaluppi
Quantum theory at the crossroads
Jeffrey Bada
The Spark of Life
Julian Baggini
The Duck that Won the Lottery
Jim Baggott
Perfect Symmetry
Ralph Baierlein
Thermal physics
R Balbinot
Modern cosmology in retrospect
J M Balkin
Cultural software : a theory of ideology
Philip Ball
Stories of the invisible
Thomas Banchoff
Beyond the third dimension
Julian Barbour
The End of Time
Jason Bardi
The Calculus Wars
S. Anthony Barnett
The story of rats
Robert Barrass
Scientists must write
John Barrow
The Book of nothing
Pi in the Sky
The Infinite Book
new theories of everything
Cosmic Imagery
John Battelle
The Search
Tim Bayne
The Unity of Consciousness
Greg Bear
Blood Music
Darwin's Children
Alex Bellos
Alex's adventures in numberland
Moti Ben-Ari
Just a theory
Mark Benecke
The dream of eternal life
S Bergia
Modern cosmology in retrospect
David Berlinski
Infinite Ascent
Jeremy Bernstein
Cranks, Quarks and the Cosmos
Adrian Berry
Eureka: a book of scientific anecdotes
The giant leap
Michael Berry
Principles of cosmology and gravitation
B Bertotti
Modern cosmology in retrospect
Piers Bizony
The rivers of Mars
How to Build Your Own Spaceship
Simon Blackburn
Truth: A Guide for the Perplexed
Colin Blakemore
Sandra Blakeslee
Phantoms in the brain
Michael Blastland
The Tiger that Isn't
Paul Bloom
Descartes' Baby
David Bodanis
Electric universe
David Bohm
The undivided universe
Edmund Blair Bolles
Einstein defiant : genius versus genius in the quantum revolution
George S Boolos
Computability and logic
Jorge Borges
The total library
Max Born
The Born-Einstein Letters
Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich
A theory of natural philosophy
John Boyd
The Time Paradox
Alan Boyle
The case for Pluto
Denis Brian
The unexpected Einstein
John Brockman
Curious Minds
What we believe but cannot prove
How Things Are
Max Brockman
What's Next
Michael Brooks
Free radicals
Andrew Brown
In the beginning was the worm
Leslie Brunetta
Spider Silk
Mark Buchanan
Nexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Theory of Networks
Stephen Budiansky
If a Lion could Talk
Bryan Bunch
Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes
John P Burgess
Computability and logic
Jay Burreson
Napoleon's Buttons
William Byers
How mathematicians think
Peter Byrne
The many worlds of Hugh Everett III
Alice Calaprice
The new quotable Einstein
Herbert B Callen
Thermodynamics and an introduction to thermostatistics
Julia Cameron
Letters To A Young Artist
Fritjof Capra
The Web of Life
Lewis Carroll
Euclid and his modern rivals
Rachel Carson
The sea around us
Nancy Cartwright
How the laws of physics lie
Brian Cathcart
The Fly in the Cathedral
Thomas Cathcart
Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates
Jan Cederquist
Meaningful coincidence
Gregory Chaitin
Meta Math!:The Quest for Omega
Allan Chapman
Mary Somerville and the world of science
Tom Chatfield
Fun Inc
Bruce Chatwin
Anatomy of Restlessness
Geoffrey Chaucer
The Canterbury Tales
Nirad Chaudhuri
A Passage to England
Jeremy Cherfas
The First Chimpanzee
Luis Chiappe
Walking on Eggs
Lisa Seachrist Chiu
When a Gene Makes You Smell Like a Fish
Michael Chorost
Marcus Chown
We Need to Talk about Kelvin
Robert Cialdini
Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion
E.M. Cioran
A Short History of Decay
Stuart Clark
Life on other worlds and how to find it
The Sun Kings
Guy Claxton
Hare Brain Tortoise Mind
Roger Clay
Cosmic Bullets
Brian Clegg
The Man who Stopped Time
A Brief History of Infinity
Upgrade Me
Frank Close
The Void
The New Cosmic Onion
Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist
Enrico Coen
The Art of Genes
I B Cohen
The Triumph of Numbers
Jack Cohen
The collapse of chaos
K.C Cole
The Universe and the Teacup
Peter Cole
The Theory of knowledge
Harry Collins
The Golem:What you should know about science
Andre Comte-Sponville
The little book of philosophy
Richard Conniff
Swimming with Piranhas at Feeding Time
Simon Conway Morris
The Crucible of Creation
Life's solution
Nick Cook
The hunt for Zero Point
Michael Cooper
A more beautiful city
Richard Corfield
Architects of Eternity
Amy Corzine
The Secret Life of the Universe
Brian Cox
why does E=mc squared
Jerry A Coyne
Why Evolution is True
Catherine L. Craig
Spider Silk
William Cran
The Story of English
David Crystal
The language revolution
Alan Cutler
The Seashell on the Mountaintop
Antonio Damasio
Descartes' Error
David Darling
Gravity's arc
John Davies
Beyond Pluto
P C W Davies
Ghost in the Atom
The Edge of Infinity
The Goldilocks Enigma
Richard Dawkins
A Devils Chaplain
The Ancestor's Tale
The God Delusion
Climbing Mount Improbable
John W Dawson
Logical dilemmas
Peter Day
The Candle revisited
Christian de Duve
Life Evolving
Daniel C Dennett
Freedom Evolves
Consciousness explained
Breaking the Spell
John Derbyshire
Prime obsession : Bernhard Riemann and the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics
Unknown Quantity
David Deutsch
The fabric of reality
Keith Devlin
The Millennium problems
Gary Dexter
Title deeds
Jared Diamond
The third chimpanzee
Collapse : how societies choose to fail or survive
Lovat Dickson
Wilderness Man
Andrew Dilnot
The Tiger that Isn't
Lowell Dingus
Walking on Eggs
David Drake
Stillman Drake
Galileo: A very short introduction
Eric Drexler
Engines of creation
Krishna Dronamraju
What I Require From Life
Stephen Drury
Stepping Stones
Marcus du Sautoy
The music of the primes
Finding Moonshine
J.S. Dugdale
Entropy and its physical meaning
Freeman Dyson
Origins of Life
Infinite in all directions
Umberto Eco
Arthur Eddington
The Expanding Universe
Stephen Edelglass
The Marriage of Sense and Thought
Gerald Edelman
Wider than the sky
David Edmonds
Wittgenstein's Poker
Ralph Edney
INTRODUCING Fractal Geometry
John Eidinow
Wittgenstein's Poker
Albert Einstein
The Born-Einstein Letters
Relativity:The Special and the General Theory
John Emsley
The elements of murder
Jim Endersby
A Guinea Pig's History of Biology
Joshua M Epstein
Growing artificial societies
Dan Falk
In Search of Time
Patricia Fara
Pandora's Breeches
Graham Farmelo
The Strangest Man
John Fauvel
Mobius and his band
Yishai Feldman
Algorithmics : the spirit of computing
Timothy Ferris
The Whole Shebang
Georgina Ferry
The Common Thread
Max Perutz and the Secret of Life
Richard Feynman
The meaning of it all
Feynman Lectures on Computation
Feynman Lectures on Gravitation
QED: The strange theory of light and matter
Six Easy Pieces
Arthur Fine
The shaky game : Einstein, realism, and the quantum theory
Cordelia Fine
A Mind of its Own
Victoria Finlay
Colour:Travels through the Paintbox
Len Fisher
Weighing the soul
how to dunk a doughnut
Melvin Fitting
Incompleteness in the land of sets
Tim Flannery
Here on Earth
Raymond Flood
Mobius and his band
Peter Forbes
The Gecko's Foot
Jeff Forshaw
why does E=mc squared
Richard Fortey
Dry Store Room No 1
Evelyn Fox Keller
The century of the gene
Charles Frankel
The End of the Dinosaurs
Theodore Frankel
The geometry of physics : an introduction
Torkel Franzen
Godel's theorem : an incomplete guide to its use and abuse
Mark Frary
Future Proof
B. Roy Frieden
Science from Fisher information : a unification
Thomas Friedman
The World is Flat
Chris Frith
Making up the mind
Steve Fuller
Kuhn vs Popper
Anil Gaba
dance with chance
Raimond Gaita
The philosopher's dog
M Garey
Computers and Intractability
Christine Garwood
Flat Earth
Robert Gasser
An introduction to statistical thermodynamics
Urs Gasser
Born digital
Evalyn Gates
Einstein's Telescope
Michael S Gazzaniga
Hans Gebert
The Marriage of Sense and Thought
Gerd Gigerenzer
Gut Feelings
Daniel Gilbert
Stumbling on happiness
George Gilder
Silicon Eye
Iain Gilmour
An Introduction to Astrobiology
Owen Gingerich
The book nobody read
V L Ginzburg
David Gissen
Big & Green
Domenico Giulini
Special relativity - a first encounter
Bentley Glass
Forerunners of Darwin
_ Godfather Publications
How to create a flawless universe
Nikolai Gogol
Plays and Petersburg tales
Ben Goldacre
Bad Science
Elkhonon Goldberg
The Wisdom Paradox
Naomi Goldblum
The brain shaped mind
Martin Goldstein
The refrigerator and the universe
Noah Goldstein
Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion
Jeff Gomez
Print is Dead
Peter Goodchild
The Real Dr Strangelove
Martin Goodman
Suffer and Survive
Martin Gorst
Measuring Eternity: the Search for the Beginning of Time
Stephen J Gould
Ever Since Darwin
Sean Grady
Virtual Reality
David Grann
The Lost City of Z
Lynda Gratton
Hot Spots
A.C. Grayling
The reason of things
Celia Green
The Decline and Fall of Science
Brian Greene
The fabric of the cosmos
The Elegant Universe
John C Greene
Science, ideology, and world view
Susan Greenfield
The private life of the brain
ID: The Quest for Identity in the 21st Century
Richard L Gregory
Even Odder Perceptions
John Gribbin
The birth of time
In search of Schrodinger's cat
The First Chimpanzee
He Knew He Was Right
In Search of the Multiverse
Mary Gribbin
He Knew He Was Right
Donald Griffin
Animal Thinking
Sian Griffiths
Frederick Grinnell
Everyday practice of science
Terry Grossman
Fantastic Voyage
Josef Gruska
Quantum Computing
David Haberman
Ten Theories of Human Nature
Pauline Halford
Storm Warning
J Storrs Hall
Beyond AI
Charles Handy
The New Alchemists
Michael Hanlon
James Hannam
God's philosophers
Mike Hansell
Built by Animals
James Hansen
Storms of my Grandchildren
David Harel
Algorithmics : the spirit of computing
Computers Ltd. What they Really can't do
Tim Harford
The undercover economist
Shaun P Hargreaves Heap
Game Theory: A critical text
Oren Harman
The price of altruism
Rom Harre
Pavlov's Dogs and Schrodinger's Cat
Edward Harrison
Cosmology : The Science of the Universe
Rom Harré
The philosophies of science
Adam Hart-Davis
Just Another Day
Duff Hart-Davis
Audubon's Elephant
Rupert Hart-Davis
The Power of Chance
Marc Hauser
Wild Minds
Julian Havil
Jane Hawking
Music to move the stars
Stephen Hawking
A Brief History of Time
Black holes and baby universes
Robert M Hazen
Genesis: The Scientific quest for Life's Origin
Science matters
Jean Heidmann
Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Robert Heilbroner
The worldly philosophers
Werner Heisenberg
Physics and philosophy
Bruce Henderson
The Time Traveller
Robert Henson
The Rough Guide to Climate Change
Frank Herbert
Robin Herman
Fusion - the search for endless energy
Reuben Hersh
18 unconventional essays on the nature of mathematics
Hermann Hesse
The Glass Bead Game
Dennis Hesseling
Gnomes in the fog
Tony Hey
Feynman Lectures on Computation
Peter M Higgins
Nets, Puzzles and Postmen
Basil Hiley
The undivided universe
Dilip Hiro
The Rough Guide History of India
J Allan Hobson
The Chemistry of conscious states
Andrew Hodges
One to Nine
Douglas Hofstadter
I am a strange loop
Godel, Escher, Bach
Robin Hogarth
dance with chance
Leofranc Holford
The History of Time: A very short introduction
Richard Holmes
The Age of Wonder
Mark Honigsbaum
Living with Enza
Gerard 't Hooft
In Search of the ultimate building blocks
John Horgan
The end of science
Leslie Alan Horvitz
Norman Housley
Contesting the Crusades
Nicholas Humphrey
Seeing Red
Peter Hunt
Children's Literature:The development of criticism
James M Hutchisson
Lewis Hyde
Trickster Makes this World
Usama Ibn Munqidh
The Book of Contemplation
Eric Idle
The road to Mars
Jay Ingram
The velocity of honey
A.J. Jacobs
The Year of Living Biblically
Richard C Jeffrey
Computability and logic
D Johnson
Computers and Intractability
Neil Johnson
Two's Company, Three is Complexity
Steve Jones
The Single Helix
Coral : a pessimist in paradise
Darwin's island
George G Joseph
The crest of the peacock
Menas Kafatos
The non-local Universe
Michio Kaku
Parallel worlds
Einstein's Cosmos
James B Kaler
The hundred greatest stars
Eric R Kandel
In search of memory
Robert D Kaplan
Mediterranean winter
Robert L Kaplan
The nothing that is
Arno Karlen
Biography of a germ
Richard Kaye
Models of Peano Arithmetic
Sam Kean
The disappearing spoon
Andrew Keen
The cult of the amateur
Robert P Kirshner
The Extravagant Universe
Daniel Klein
Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates
Stefan Klein
Time: A User's Guide
Morris Kline
Mathematics, The loss of certainty
Jeffrey Kluger
Arthur Koestler
The ghost in the machine
Gina Kolata
Dexter C Kozen
Theory of computation
Lawrence Krauss
Beyond star trek
Manjit Kumar
Ray Kurzweil
Fantastic Voyage
Fred Kuttner
Quantum Enigma
Sarah Lacy
The Stories of Facebook, Youtube and Myspace
Keith J Laidler
to light such a candle
Nick Lane
Oxygen: The molecule that made the world
Power, sex, suicide
Life Ascending
Greg Laughlin
The Five Ages of the Universe
David Layzer
Sarah Lazarus
Troubled Waters
Penny Le Couteur
Napoleon's Buttons
Ursula Le Guin
The dispossessed
Darian Leader
Stealing the Mona Lisa
Michael D Lemonick
Echo of the Big Bang
Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
INTRODUCING Fractal Geometry
Primo Levi
The Periodic Table
Janna Levin
How the universe got its spots
A madman dreams of Turing machines
Paul Levinson
Michael Lewis
The New New Thing
Andrew Liddle
Cosmological Inflation and Large-Scale Structure
John H Lienhard
How Invention Begins
David Lindley
Boltzmann's Atom
Degrees Kelvin
Chris Lintott
Bang! The complete history of the Universe
John Lister-Kaye
Nature's Child
Mario Livio
The equation that couldn't be solved
Michael Lockwood
The Labyrinth of Time
Werner Loewenstein
The touchstone of life
Bjorn Lomborg
Cool it
Malcolm Longair
The cosmic century
Jean-Pierre Luminet
The Wraparound Universe
Nick Lund
Language and thought
Mark Lynas
Six degrees : our future on a hotter planet
David Lyth
Cosmological Inflation and Large-Scale Structure
Richard Mabey
Nature Cure
Dana Mackenzie
The Big Splat or how our moon came to be
Charles Maclean
Island on the Edge of the World
Trisha Macnair
Long Life Equation
Robert MacNeil
The Story of English
John Maddox
What Remains to be Discovered
Georg Maier
The Marriage of Sense and Thought
Shahn Majid
On Space and Time
Spyros Makridakis
dance with chance
Kenan Malik
Strange Fruit
Ronald Mallett
The Time Traveller
Thomas Mann
Death in Venice
Jo Marchant
Decoding the Heavens
Gary Marcus
Norman Margolus
Cellular automata machines
Lynn Margulis
The Symbiotic Planet
Lynn Margulis
Mind, Life and Universe
James Martin
The Meaning of the 21st Century
Steve Martin
Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion
Ira Matathia
Next Now
Katinka Matson
How Things Are
Paul Matthews
Bard on the Brain
Tim Maudlin
The Metaphysics within Physics
Brian May
Bang! The complete history of the Universe
Barry Mazur
Imagining Numbers
Robert McCrum
The Story of English
Iain McGilchrist
The Master and his Emissary
Jane McGonigal
Reality is broken
Alister McGrath
The Dawkins Delusion
Joanna McGrath
The Dawkins Delusion
Sharon Bertsch McGrayne
The theory that would not die
Thomas McGreevy
The Basis of Measurement Vol 1
John McWhorter
The Power of Babel
A J Meadows
Science and Controversy
Jean Medawar
Hitler's Gift
Andrew Meharg
Venomous earth
Ved Mehta
Up at Oxford
Herman Melville
Moby Dick
Elliot Mendelson
Introduction to mathematical logic
Kurt Mendelssohn
The quest for absolute zero
The world of Walther Nernst
Donald Michie
Donald Michie on machine intelligence, biology and more
David Midgley
The Essential Mary Midgley
Mary Midgley
The Essential Mary Midgley
Arthur I Miller
Empire of the Stars
Insights of genius
Edward A Milne
Relativity, gravitation and world-structure
Melanie Mitchell
Complexity : a guided tour
Simon Mitton
Fred Hoyle: A life in science
Leonard Mlodinow
Feynman's rainbow
Euclid's Window
The Drunkard's Walk
Jacques Monod
Chance and Necessity
Patrick Moore
Bang! The complete history of the Universe
Mary Morgan
Models as mediators
Richard Morris
Achilles in the quantum universe
Margaret Morrison
Models as mediators
Jim Motavalli
Forward Drive
Ann Moyal
Michael P Murphy
What is Life The next fifty years
Robert Nadeau
The non-local Universe
Ernest Nagel
Godel's proof
Paul Nahin
An imaginary tale : the story of the square root of -1
Time machines : time travel in physics, metaphysics, and science fiction
Mikio Nakahara
Geometry, topology and physics
Jayant Narlikar
The lighter side of gravity
Seven Wonders of the Cosmos
Sylvia Nasar
A Beautiful mind
Clifford Nass
The Man Who Lied to His Laptop
David Nettle
Strong Imagination
James R Newman
Godel's proof
Henry Nicholls
Lonesome George
The Way of the Panda
Ted Nield
Denis Noble
The music of life
William Noel
The Archimedes Codex
David D Nolte
Mind at light speed
John D North
The measure of the universe
Igor Novikov
The River of Time
Mark Obmascik
The Big Year
Mick O'Hare
How to Fossilise Your Hamster
Luke A J O'Neill
What is Life The next fifty years
Donal O'Shea
The Poincare Conjecture
Patrick Osmer
The farthest things in the universe
Robert Osserman
Poetry of the Universe
Jennifer Ouellette
Black Bodies and Quantum Cats
John Palfrey
Born digital
Douglas Palmer
Seven Million Years
Earth Time
Richard Panek
The invisible century - Einstein, Freud and the search for hidden universes
Robert Park
Voodoo Science
Andrew Parker
Seven deadly colours
Vivienne Parry
The truth about Hormones
Paul Parsons
The Science of Doctor Who
Jay Pasachoff
The farthest things in the universe
Martin Pawley
20th Century Architecture, a readers guide
John Peacock
Cosmological Physics
Sergio Pellis
The Playful Brain
Vivien Pellis
The Playful Brain
Mark Penn
Roger Penrose
The large, the small and the human mind
Cycles of time
Ivars Peterson
Newton's Clock: Chaos in the solar system
The Mathematical Tourist
Patricia Pierce
Jurassic Mary
Colin Pillinger
Trevor Pinch
The Golem:What you should know about science
Steven Pinker
The Stuff of Thought
Frederik Pohl
Midas World
Robin le Poidevin
Travels in four dimensions
John Polkinghorne
Beyond Science
Henry Pollack
A World without Ice
C.K. Prahalad
The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid
Terry Pratchett
The Colour of Magic
The Light Fantastic
Gavin Pretor-Pinney
The wavewatcher's companion
Joel R Primack
The view from the center of the universe
Philip Pullman
The Golden Compass
The Subtle Knife
The Amber Spyglass
Eduardo Punset
Mind, Life and Universe
Alexander Pushkin
The Queen of Spades
David Pyke
Hitler's Gift
Alistair Rae
Quantum Physics:Illusion or Reality
Derek Raine
An introduction to the science of cosmology
Vilayanur Ramachandran
Phantoms in the brain
Lisa Randall
Warped Passages
John Ratey
A User's Guide to the Brain
David M Raup
The nemesis affair
Martin Rees
Our Cosmic Habitat
Just Six Numbers
Geoffrey Regan
Jack Repcheck
The Man who found Time
W G Richards
An introduction to statistical thermodynamics
Mark Ridley
A Darwin selection
Matt Ridley
Francis Crick : discoverer of the genetic code
The Rational Optimist
John S Rigden
Hydrogen, the essential element
Michael Riordan
The Shadows of Creation
Mary Roach
Packing for Mars
Andrew Robinson
The last man who knew everything
Dan Rockmore
Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis
Mark Ronan
Symmetry and the Monster
Will Rood
INTRODUCING Fractal Geometry
Steven Rose
The 21st century brain
Emanuel Rosen
Scott Rosenberg
Dreaming in Code
Bruce Rosenblum
Quantum Enigma
Jeffrey Rosenthal
Struck by Lightning
Carlo Rovelli
Quantum gravity
Mark Rowlands
The philosopher at the end of the universe
The philosopher and the wolf
Rebecca Rupp
Four Elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth
Bertrand Russell
The Problems of Philosophy
Barbara Ryden
Introduction to cosmology
Karl Sabbagh
A Rum affair
Dr. Riemann's Zeros
Palestine: A Personal History
Oliver Sacks
Uncle Tungsten
Seeing Voices
Dorion Sagan
Into the Cool
Nick Sagan
Future Proof
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Wind, sand and stars
Marian Salzman
Next Now
Ian Sample
Massive: the hunt for the God particle
Barrie Savory
The Good Back Guide
Andre Schiffrin
The business of books
Menno Schilthuizen
Frogs, flies, and dandelions
Eric D Schneider
Into the Cool
Reto Schneider
The Mad Science Book
David Schramm
The Shadows of Creation
Barry Schwartz
The Paradox of Choice
Eric Scigliano
Seeing the Elephant
John T Scott
The Philosophers' Quarrel
John Searle
Mind, Language and Society
The mystery of consciousness
Gino Segre
Einstein's Refrigerator
Faust in Copenhagen
Charles Seife
Alpha and Omega
Zero - the biography of a dangerous idea
Amartya Sen
Identity and Violence
N Shankar
Metamathematics, machines, and Godel's proof
Stewart Shapiro
Thinking about mathematics
Neil Shubin
Your Inner Fish
Ed Sikov
Mr Strangelove
Joseph Silk
The infinite cosmos
On the Shores of the Unknown
Robert B Silvers
Hidden Histories of Science
Andrew Simms
Simon Singh
Fermat's Enigma
Big Bang
Lawrence Sklar
Physics and chance
Andy Smith
The dragonfly effect
Gina Smith
Vince Smith
Sophie's Story
Lee Smolin
The Trouble with Physics
Raymond Smullyan
Godel's incompleteness theorems
Dava Sobel
The Planets
Jonathan Solity
The Learning Revolution
George Soros
The New Paradigm for Financial Markets
Hyron Spinrad
The farthest things in the universe
Ann Sprague
Exploring Mercury: The Iron Planet
Ashwin Srinivasan
Donald Michie on machine intelligence, biology and more
John Staddon
The New Behaviorism
Russell Stannard
The end of discovery
Sherman K Stein
Strength in numbers
Derek Steinberg
Consciousness Reconnected
Paul J Steinhardt
Endless Universe
Victor J Stenger
The Comprehensible Cosmos
Kim Sterelny
Dawkins vs Gould
Leslie Stevenson
Ten Theories of Human Nature
Ian Stewart
The Foundations of Mathematics
Why Beauty is Truth
Gregory Stock
Redesigning Humans
Paul Strathern
Dr Strangelove's Game
William J Straus
Forerunners of Darwin
Chris Stringer
Homo Britannicus
Robert Strom
Exploring Mercury: The Iron Planet
Randall Stross
Planet Google
Tristram Stuart
The Bloodless Revolution
John Sulston
The Common Thread
Leonard Susskind
The Black Hole War
Michael Talbot
Mysticism and the New Physics
The holographic universe
David Tall
The Foundations of Mathematics
Steve Taylor
Making Time
Owsei Temkin
Forerunners of Darwin
Ted Thomas
An introduction to the science of cosmology
Flora Thompson
Lark Rise to Candleford
Keith Thomson
The Watch on the Heath
Kip Thorne
Black holes and time warps
Frank Tipler
The physics of immortality
Tommaso Toffoli
Cellular automata machines
R C Tolman
Relativity, thermodynamics and cosmology
Leo Tolstoy
Family Happiness
Sean Topham
Where's my Space Age
James Trefil
Science matters
Colin Tudge
Feeding people is easy
Chris Turney
Ice, Mud and Blood
Jon Turney
The rough guide to the future
Neil Turok
Endless Universe
Keith Tutt
The search for free energy
Jenny Uglow
The Lunar Men
Alison Uttley
Country World
Antony Valentini
Quantum theory at the crossroads
Tjeerd H. Van Andel
New Views on an Old Planet
Roy Van den Brink-Budgen
Critical Thinking for Students
Michael van Straten
The Good Sleep Guide
Ethlie a Vare
Patently female
Yanis Varoufakis
Game Theory: A critical text
Vlatko Vedral
Decoding reality
Max Velmans
Understanding Consciousness
J Craig Venter
A Life Decoded
Surendra Verma
Why aren't they here
The Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories and Things
David Vise
The Google story
Hans C Von Baeyer
Information, the new language of science
Kurt Vonnegut
A man without a country
Nicholas Wade
Life Script: The Genome and the New Medicine
Tom Wakeford
Liaisons of Life
Kameshwar Wali
Andy Walker
Future Proof
Gabrielle Walker
An Ocean of Air
Martin Wallen
John Waller
Leaps in the Dark
Fabulous Science
Mark Ward
Virtual Organisms
Michael Ward
Planet Narnia
James Watson
DNA: The secret of life
A Passion for DNA
Nick Webb
Wish you were here: The official biography of Douglas Adams
Jeffrey Weeks
The Shape of Space
Steven Weinberg
The discovery of subatomic particles
H G Wells
The war in the air
The first men in the moon
The Time Machine
The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents
Edith Wharton
The Age of Innocence
John Wheeler
A journey into gravity and spacetime
Sara Wheeler
Travels in a Thin Country
Francis Wheen
How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World
Michael White
The Fruits of War
A teaspoon and an open mind
David Whitehouse
THE MOON a biography
Ian Whitelaw
a measure of all things
Gerald Whitrow
The Natural Philosophy of Time
J Wilks
The third law of thermodynamics
Raymond Williams
Culture and Materialism
Christopher Wills
The Spark of Life
The Runaway Brain
A N Wilson
God's Funeral
Daniel Wilson
Where's My Jetpack
Edward O Wilson
The future of life
Robin Wilson
Mobius and his band
Simon Winchester
The Professor and the Madman
The map that changed the world
Adam Wishart
One in Three
Peter Woit
Not even wrong
Richard Wollheim
Germs: a memoir of childhood
Lewis Wolpert
Six impossible things before breakfast
Adrian Woolfson
Life without Genes
An intelligent persons guide to genetics
Steve Wozniak
Rupert Wright
Take me to the source
Christopher Wrigley
Return of the Hero
Corina Yen
The Man Who Lied to His Laptop
E. Kinney Zalesne
Robert Zaretsky
The Philosophers' Quarrel
Ernest Zebrowski
A history of the circle
Philip Zimbardo
The Time Paradox
The Lucifer Effect
Markus Zusak
The Book Thief
Barton Zwiebach
A first course in string theory