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Philosophy can sometimes appear to be a terribly abstract subject, with little relation to the rest of the world. In Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy Simon Blackburn shows that the questions pondered by philosophers are the same ones which the rest of us want answered. The book starts with topics related to the philosophy of mind, such as Descartes' 'I think therefore I am', free will and the nature of the self. There is then a chapter on God and religion, followed by a look at how we make sense of the world, including a gentle introduction to logic.

The final chapter 'What to Do', examines how the ideas of philosophy apply in our everyday lives, including the question of whether, if you are worrying about a problem, you should deal with the problem or simply try to stop worrying.

In a textbook the author might be expected to give an unbiased view of the material presented. This is not such a book - Blackburn is clearly arguing for his own views, and you may well find yourself disagreeing with them, in particular the parts on the mind and on religion. But that's good because it gives you something to help you in forming your own ideas. If you want to try to clarify your thoughts on some of the important philosophical questions then you're likely to find this book very useful. info
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Product Description
Here at last is a coherent, unintimidating introduction to the challenging and fascinating landscape of Western philosophy. Written expressly for "anyone who believes there are big questions out there, but does not know how to
approach them," Think provides a sound framework for exploring the most basic themes of philosophy, and for understanding how major philosophers have tackled the questions that have pressed themselves most forcefully on human consciousness.

Simon Blackburn, author of the best-selling Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, begins by making a convincing case for the relevance of philosophy and goes on to give the reader a sense of how the great historical figures such as Plato, Hume, Kant, Descartes, and others have approached its central themes. In a lively and accessible style, Blackburn
approaches the nature of human reflection and how we think, or can think, about knowledge, fate, ethics, identity, God, reason, and truth. Each chapter explains a major issue, and gives the reader a self-contained guide through the problems that the philosophers have studied. Because the text approaches these issues from the gound up, the untrained reader will emerge from its pages able to explore other philosophies with greater pleasure and understanding and be able to think--philosophically--for him or herself.

Philosophy is often dismissed as a purely academic discipline with no relation to the "real" world non-philosophers are compelled to inhabit. Think dispels this myth and offers a springboard for all those who want to learn how the basic techniques of thinking shape our virtually every aspect of our existence.