V L Ginzburg and E A Andryushin


Superconductivity is a counterintuitive phenomenon, and although it has been known about for nearly a century, the reasons for it happening can seem somewhat obscure. In this short book Ginzburg and Andryushin explain the subject in easy to follow way, but without oversimplifying things too much, and I found that it clarified several things in my mind concerning superconductivity and the Meissner effect. No prior experience of the subject is required to read the book, although it would be helpful for the reader to have some background scientific knowledge. The text is easy to read, although sometimes a sentence seems a bit stilted. I would recommend the book to readers who have read a little about superconductivity and would like to find out more about the subject without getting into technicalities.

The book starts by looking at the discovery of superconductivity by Kamerlingh-Onnes, as well as the Meissner effect, that is the expulsion of a magnetic field by a superconductivity. It then goes on to look at further physics of superconductivity, in particular the difference between type I and type II superconductors. The third chapter looks at the reasons for the occurence of superconductivity and related phenomena, explaining the formation of Cooper pairs. The last two chapters look at the applications of superconductivity and the recent flurry of interest in high temperature superconductors.

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Product Description
What is superconductivity? How was it discovered? What are the properties of superconductors, how are they applied now, and how are they likely to become widely used in the near future? These are just some of the questions which this important book sets out to answer. Starting with the discovery of superconductivity over ninety years ago, the book guides the readers through the many years of subsequent exploration, right up to the latest sensational findings.Written in a lively, nontechnical style, this book makes ideal background reading for any school or college level study of superconductivity. The authors, who are leading authorities in the field, paint detailed pictures of the phenomena involved without mathematical formalism, appealing instead to physical intuition.