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The holographic universe

In The holographic universe Michael Talbot looks at the idea that the umverse might be like a hologram in the sense that each part of it contains the whole. Talbot uses the work of well known physicists to support his ideas, in particular that of David Bohm. Sensibly, he doesn't try to rewrite quantum physics - rather the prinicpal theme of the book is the link between these holographic ideas and what we consider to be paranormal events, starting with the mysterious healing powers which some people have. Talbot discusses how this might be related to the ability to percieve a Human Energy Field.

Talbot goes on to look at how the holographic nature of the universe means that our consciousness can experience other times and places, and at the evidence that we can recall previous lives. There is also a chapter on out of the body experiences and near death experiences.

What I liked about this book was that Talbot (for the most part) isn't trying to push his own dogmatic view of how the universe works onto the reader. This makes his description of paranormal events much more credible - indeed Talbot describes how from a young age he experienced such events, and only later came to find that others didn't believe in them. Personally I'm still skeptical, but if you want to look at the possibility of paranormal events then this would be a good place to start. info
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Product Description
A Remarkable new theory of reality that explains: the paranormal abilities of the mind, the latest frontiers of physics and the unsolved riddles of brain and body. According to Jean Houston, PhD, "one of the most important books of the decade...a subtle but thrilling re-making of the mind.