Sean Grady

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a topic about which there has been plenty of hype. Somehow it has never had the 'killer app.' it needs, although plenty of VR systems have been developed. In Virtual Reality: Simulating and Enhancing the World with Computers Sean M. Grady describes some of these systems. The book starts with an overview of the subject and moves on to look at the technology and programming which is required. Grady then describes how people can interact with such systems - head mounted displays, gloves and trackers as well as larger, more immersive systems.

The later part of the book examines some of the applications of VR, such as scientific research, teaching, design and medicine. Grady concludes with a look at some of the drawbacks of VR, together with some speculations of where it might go in the future.

I didn't feel that this was a particularly 'gee-whiz' sort of book - it didn't generate much excitement for the topic.This may be due to the fact that Grady is a science writer, rather than a researcher in this field. Also the book is aimed at a school level readership, and did have quite a bit of the 'schoolbook' about it. But if you're interested in why VR has never quite caught on for most of us then this book has plenty of useful material. info
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Product Description
This text provides an overview of the history of virtual reality and explores the tools and techniques used to mimic the physical world, the fields in which virtual reality is being used, and some of the obstacles that supporters of virtual reality have had to overcome.