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2009 Royal Society Prizes for Science Books reviews26thMay 2009Reviews of the contenders for this science book prize
2008 Royal Society Prizes for Science Books reviews24th April 2008Reviews of the contenders for this science book prize
Who wants to live forever?article14thApril 2008Some musings on life extension.
Endless Universe
Paul J Steinhardt & Neil Turok
review31stJanuary 2008An alternative to the big bang view of the universe
Time and the universearticle18thJanuary 2008Some thoughts on the age and origin of the universe, from scientific and religious viewpoints.
I am a Strange Loop
Douglas Hofstadter
review9thJanuary 2008Hofstadter's ideas on the emergence of mind.
Faster than Light - is it possible?article5thJanuary 2008Wouldn't it be good if we could break the light barrier
The view from the center of the universe
Joel R Primack & Nancy Abrams
review21stDecember 2007An intruiging look at our place in the universe
The Trouble with Physicalism article20thSeptember 2007Some thoughts on the philosophy of mind
Before Darwin/The Watch on the Heath
Keith Thomson
review21stAugust 2007A look at thoughts on evolution before Darwin's theory.
July Newsletter Newsletter19thJuly 2007A new monthly newsletter for my websites
2007 Royal Society Prizes for Science Books reviews27th April 2007Reviews of the contenders for this science book prize
Cosmological Distances applet applet26thApril 2007A look at how distances are defined in cosmology
The Trouble with Physics
Lee Smolin
review17thApril 2007Smolin's criticism of string theory and the scientific establishment
The Myths of Quantum Opticsarticle5thApril 2007Where are the photons in photonics?
Warped Passages
Lisa Randall
review15thMarch 2007An introduction to hidden dimensions and branes
The Trouble with Physics debatearticle8thMarch 2007A report on the Oxford debate between Lee Smolin, Philip Candelas and Simon Saunders
The Music of the Primes
Marcus du Sautoy
review4thJanuary 2007The story of mathematicians struggling with the Riemann Hypothesis
Consciousness and DNA computersarticle19thDecember 2006Why are our brains so inefficient?
The Labyrinth of Time : Introducing the universe
Michael Lockwood
review22ndNovember 2006A modern look at age-old philosophical questions
A Springy Triangle applet28thSeptember 2006See how energy is dispersed in a system of springs and masses
Einstein defiant : genius versus genius in the quantum revolution
Edmund Blair Bolles
review22ndJuly 2006Einstein as the leader of the quantum brigade
Why people shouldn't go to Marsarticle11th May 2006At least not yet.
Aventis prize 2006 reviews4th April 2006Reviews of the contenders for this popular science book prize
Is chance in charge?article1st March 2006A look at what part randomness really plays in science.
A New Kind of Science
Stephen Wolfram
review21st January 2006Science based on discrete mathematics
Modelling the hyperbolic plane applet2ndDecember 2005Can the hyperbolic plane be embedded in 3 dimension. See how well this applet does.
Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis
Dan Rockmore
review21st November 2005An exploration of a million dollar problem
The Cosmological Event Horizonarticle27 thOctober 2005A boundary to our universe and its thermodynamic effects.
The End of Time
Julian Barbour
review3rd September 2005Is time an illusion?
Brownian motion applet25thAugust 2005This time the 2nd law works as it should.
The End of the Certain World
Nancy Thorndike Greenspan
review10th August 2005The development of quantum theory and its social environment.
The law of the excluded muddlearticle29 thJuly 2005Further ReadingA look at nonconstructive proofs in mathematics
Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity
Tim Maudlin
review16th July 2005A clear view of a confusing subject
More Coupled Pendulums applet6th June 2005Another look at the 2nd law of thermodynamics
Jeremy Bernstein
review3rd June 2005Events leading up to the well known security hearing
Can we reach Absolute Zeroarticle31 stMay 2005Further ReadingIt's said to be impossible - but I remain to be convinced.
The fabric of the Cosmos
Brian Greene
review25th May 2005A non-technical but deep look at the physics of space and time
Pyramid puzzle applet18th May 2005Is there a solution to this puzzle?
Aventis prize shortlist reviews6th May 2005Reviews of the contenders for this popular science book prize
God gave us the integers.. article27thApril 20051, 2, 3... - but is it really so simple?
The Road to Reality
Roger Penrose
review2nd April 2005Further ReadingA new book for those wishing to understand modern physics
What is consciousness? article10thMarch 2005Further ReadingCan we expect an answer to this hard question?
Mary Somerville
Allan Chapman
review4thMarch 2005An influential woman in 19th century science.
A transcendental numberapplet23rd February 2005A nonconstructive proof? We'll see about that.
Interstellar Travel article18th February 2005Further ReadingHow will we do it? Wormholes, warp drive, or transporter beams?
Psychohistory - is it possible? article28thJanuary 2005A real life example of science fiction?
The Ancestor's Tale
Richard Dawkins
review20th January 2005A pilgrimage back through evolution
Shut up and Calculate? article13thJanuary 2005Where are the real problems in quantum theory?
Wormhole applet6th January 2005Further ReadingA solution to the Grandfather paradox?
Govert Schilling
review29thDecember 2004The hunt for the biggest explosions in the universe
Cosmology, Special Relativity and the Milne Universe article20th December 2004A different way of looking at cosmology
Will quantum computers ever work article14th December 2004Further ReadingSome doubts about the possibilities of Quantum Computers
Boolean Formula Satisfiability applet7th December 2004Can you solve this NP-complete problem?
Cosmic Horizons - limits in the sky?article29th November 2004Further ReadingIs our view of the cosmos too limited?
Local Realism - what does it mean? article22nd November 2004Does Quantum mechanics have too much philosphising?
Is Fermat's last theorem undecidable?article12th November 2004Further ReadingSome unfinished business with an old problem
Stretchy Space? article4th November 2004Further ReadingDoes the standard view of the universe give a wrong impression?
Thoughts on P vs NParticle7th September 2004Further Reading Ideas on a million dollar problem
Black Holes - do they exist?article20th July 2004Further ReadingNew result casts doubt on their existence
Coupled Pendulumsapplet19th July 2004 The 2nd law of Thermodynamics says that energy is dispersed. But there's a problem....
Peter Lynds and Timearticle9th October 2003Some comments on a recent controversy
Beyond Pluto
John Davies
review9thOctober 2003Find out about the search for the Kuiper Belt objects
Alpha and Omega
Charles Seife
review9thOctober 2003How Einstein's greatest blunder concerns the start and end of the universe
Freedom Evolves
Daniel C Dennett
review9thOctober 2003How we can have free will in a deterministic universe
Fast computers and gamesarticle9thOctober 2003Why some computational tasks take exponential time
4 dimensional viewerapplet8thOctober 2003 A projection of 4 dimensional objects on to the screen allowing you to move around
The 100 Greatest Stars
James B. Kaler
review8thOctober 2003A study of some of the best known stars
Bard on the brain
Paul Matthews and Jeffrey McQuain
review7thOctober 2003Neuroscience via the works of Shakespeare

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