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Luboš Motl

Lisa Randall

Warped Passages

Some of the ideas floating around in theoretical physics seem a bit far out, and the non-expert might wonder whether there is any real substance to them - string theory sounds weird enough, but multidimensional branes seem to be stretching credibility to the limit. In this book an expert physicist describes the work she has been doing on this subject, but does so in a way that is accessible to the novice, skillfully using metaphor to explain each point. Thus we hear about the development of string theory and the standard model, leading on to the latest ideas of why space might seem to be three dimensional when in reality it has more, 'hidden' dimensions.

The book shows use that physicists' ideas aren't just flights of fancy, there are real contraints that have to be satisfied, in particular predicting why particle masses are what they are and not hugely greater. It also shows why the Large Hadron Collider, coming on line next year, is so important.

A word of warning though if you are starting from a position of not having read about the subject before. Although the work is non-technical, there's a lot to take in in this 500 page book, and you might find yourself struggling to keep it all in mind. I feel that the book doesn't have the sort of structure which allows you to read it in parts with breaks to assimilate what you have learned, and it might be better to start off with shorter books on the subject. info
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Product Description

The universe has many secrets. It may hide additional dimensions of space other than the familier three we recognize. There might even be another universe adjacent to ours, invisible and unattainable . . . for now.

Warped Passages is a brilliantly readable and altogether exhilarating journey that tracks the arc of discovery from early twentieth-century physics to the razor's edge of modern scientific theory. One of the world's leading theoretical physicists, Lisa Randall provides astonishing scientific possibilities that, until recently, were restricted to the realm of science fiction. Unraveling the twisted threads of the most current debates on relativity, quantum mechanics, and gravity, she explores some of the most fundamental questions posed by Nature—taking us into the warped, hidden dimensions underpinning the universe we live in, demystifying the science of the myriad worlds that may exist just beyond our own.