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Keith Tutt

The search for free energy

Many people have dreamt of being able to produce energy from nowhere. In The Search for free energy Keith Tutt recounts the stories of attempts to achieve this supposedly impossible feat. He looks at cold fusion and at Tesla's attempts to send energy through the air as well as many others. It's a good read, but I felt that Tutt wasn't sufficiently critical of the devices he was describing. When money was involved he (rightly) saw it as a scam, but he didn't seem to accept that people can also push crazy schemes for non-financial reasons. My feeling is that I'll believe in free energy when I see a commercial device.

Again and again we see a machine developed, with a few people reporting that is produces over unity results. Often patents are granted - so other people should be able to reproduce the results - but they never can. In the following decades there are always problems - financial, technical, personal - which prevent a commercial power supply from being built. Of course the real reason that it can't be built is that it's impossible. But people still go on believing.

Vacuum energy seems to be a popular source for free energy devices, but since their designs have little to do with quantum field theory one might just as well say that the energy appears by magic.

Product Description
THE SCIENTIST, THE MADMAN, THE THIEF AND THEIR LIGHTBULB reveals the revolutionary work of inventors and scientists who have struggled to develop clean and 'fuelless' new ways to produce the electricity we need for the 21st century and beyond. If the technologies could be developed commercially, they would offer almost costless energy, which would mean the end of the oil economy and freely available electricity throughout the developed and underdeveloped world. THE SCIENTIST, THE MADMAN, THE THIEF AND THEIR LIGHTBULB contains the elements of a dramatic conspiracy thriller in which greed, mendacity, murder, suicide, suppression, betrayal, jealousy, madness and misunderstood genius all play their full parts. It also investigates the complex psychology of invention and reserves a chapter for those inventors who are either self-deluded mavericks or charlatans who aim to trick gullible investors out of their savings. Most importantly, there are technologies here that offer to solve the planet's most serious problem: global warming and climate change caused by fossil fuel power plants and car emissions. Is the technological solution to global warming contained within these pages?