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Frank Tipler

The physics of immortality

You might think that if you wanted to live forever then it would be better if the universe didn't collapse to a singularity within a finite time. In The physics of immortality Frank Tipler argues otherwise, that if we manipulate the collapse then we can allow an infinity of events to happen, thus providing the opportunity of eternal life for all. The first part of the book provides that wonderful speculation which, when done by someone such as Tipler who knows his science, will leave a lasting impression in your mind. Unfortunately, after that comes some pseudo-theology of the worst kind.

I enjoyed reading the first two hundred pages of the book. There are some minor quibbles - consensus opinion now seems to be that the universe won't collapse to a singularity. Also, Tipler uses some rather dubious arguments, using the irreproducability of quantum states to link such states with our consciousness - but then we find that quantum states can be reproduced after all and - hey presto - it's possible to resurrect our conscious minds. But I accepted these as part of the speculation. It was the later parts, where Tipler looks at the religions of the world and tries to shoe-horn them into his scheme, that turned me off the book. I couldn't help feeling that if that's what immortality had in store then I would rather be mortal.

Product Description
Is there a higher power in the universe? What happens to us when we die? Leading physicist Frank J. Tipler tackles these questions and more in an astonishing and profoundly important book that scientifically proves the existence of God and the physical resurrection of the dead.