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Alice Calaprice

The new quotable Einstein

'To punish me for my contempt of authority fate has made me an authority myself'. Such was Einstein's view on the desire of people to know his views on every subject under (and over) the sun. I'm not sure I agree with the idea of mining Einstein's words for nuggets of wisdom - it looks like he wasn't too happy with it - but I have to say that it is useful to have quotes from such a well known figure at hand. This book is very handy for such a use. It has a large number of quotes of the great man, and is well laid out, making it easy to find quotes on a particular topic.

Of course it's difficult for me to give a proper review of this book, as to do so I would normally read a book from start to finish, which this book isn't suited for. Rather it's a book to keep on the shelf for reference when required, especially if you read other books about Einstein and want to check up on his views on a certain topic.

Product Description

For the first time in paperback, here is a newly expanded edition of the best-selling book that was hailed as "setting a new standard" for quotation books. Tens of thousands of readers have enjoyed The Quotable Einstein and The Expanded Quotable Einstein, with translations into twenty-two languages. This updated edition--which appears on the 100th anniversary of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and the 50th anniversary of Einstein's death--offers more than 300 new quotations, or over 1,200 altogether. Nearly all are by Einstein himself and a few are about the self-professed "lone wolf" Time magazine named "Man of the Century" at the turn of the millennium.

The New Quotable Einstein also includes a new section, "On Aging," and fresh material has been added to the appendix-from a touching account by Helen Dukas of Einstein's last days to a day-by-day summary of Johanna Fantova's telephone conversations with Einstein during the final year and a half of his life.

Also included are a poem called "Einstein," by Robert Service; and three virtually unknown verses to the song "As Time Goes By" (made famous in the movie Casablanca) that refer to Einstein. New photographs have been selected to introduce each section of the book.

Through well-documented quotations and supplementary information, The New Quotable Einstein provides a bigger and better biographical account of this multifaceted man-as son, husband, father, lover, scientist, philosopher, aging widower, humanitarian, and friend. It shows us even more vividly why the real and imagined Einstein continues to fascinate people across the world into the twenty-first century.

  • 300-plus new quotations, more than 1,200 in all

  • A day-by-day summary of Johanna Fantova's phone conversations with Einstein toward the end of his life

  • A touching account of Einstein’s last days

  • A new section, "On Aging"

  • Three virtually unknown original verses of the song "As Time Goes By" (from the movie Casablanca) that refer to Einstein

  • Robert Service’s poem "Einstein"