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Eduardo Punset and Lynn Margulis

Mind, Life and Universe

Mind, Life and Universe: Conversations with Great Scientists of Our Time contains discussions between Eduardo Punset and a number of well known scientists , taken from interviews made for Punset's TV programme.

The book is divided into four main parts. In the first 'People Primates' the scientists interviewed include Jane Goodall, Edward O Wilson, Daniel Dennett and Oliver Sacks. This part deals with topics such as animal culture, the study of happiness, and the self and anxiety. The second part 'Animal Body-Mind' includes topics related to social behaviour, genomics and aging . The third part 'Life on an Animate Planet' looks at the origin and evolution of life on Earth, and James Lovelock, Steven J Gould and Richard Dawkins are amoung the scientists interviewed. The final part 'Toward the Invisible' moves on to physics, looking at the very large and very small, and includes discussion with Paul Davies and Lisa Randall.

I wasn't entirely convinced that TV interviews such as these convert well to the printed page. In print one expects discussions to lead towards a definite conclusion, whereas these sometimes had a tendency to jump from one topic to another. However, it does give a useful overview of a wide range of topics, and the lives of the scientists studying them. info
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Product Description

Nearly forty of the world's most esteemed scientists discuss the big questions that drive their illustrious careers. Co-editor Eduardo Punset—one of Spain's most loved personages for his popularization of the sciences—interviews an impressive collection of characters drawing out the seldom seen personalities of the world's most important men and woman of science. In Mind, Life and Universe they describe in their own words the most important and fascinating aspects of their research. Frank and often irreverent, these interviews will keep even the most casual reader of science books rapt for hours.

Can brain science explain feelings of happiness and despair? Is it true that chimpanzees are just like us when it comes to sexual innuendo? Is there any hard evidence that life exists anywhere other than on the Earth? Through Punset's skillful questioning, readers will meet one scientist who is passionate about the genetic control of everything and another who spends her every waking hour making sure African ecosystems stay intact. The men and women assembled here by Lynn Margulis and Eduardo Punset will provide a source of endless interest.

In captivating conversations with such science luminaries as Jane Goodall, James E. Lovelock, Oliver Sachs, and E. O. Wilson, Punset reveals a hidden world of intellectual interests, verve, and humor. Science enthusiasts and general readers alike will devour Mind, Life and Universe, breathless and enchanted by its truths.