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Making Time

Time - you probably think that you never seem to have enough and would like to be able to slow down its rate of passing. If so then maybe you should take a look at Steve Taylor's book: Making Time: Why Time Seems to Pass at Different Speeds and How to Control it

The book starts by introducing the laws of psychological time. Firstly, time speeds up when our lives start to lack novelty -and in particular when we get older. The second law says that if we do plenty of new things then we will seem to have more time. The third and fourth relate to how absorbed we are in our activities - absorption will mean time passes quickly while tedious activities will drag on. However, there is also a fifth law - in certain circumstances time may seem to pass really slowly. This might happen in an emergency, but is also possible in activities such as sport, when it is known as being in 'The Zone'.

Taylor goes on to describe how meditation may bring on a state of timelessness, and he looks at how other cultures may be less concerned about time. I'm not sure that this is what the readers of this book will be looking for - they are likely to have plenty of concerns about where their time goes - but there is still plenty of helpful advice for such readers on how to make the most of their time. info
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Why does time seem to speed up as we get older or when we're having fun, or drag when we're bored or anxious? This eye-opening book gives an astounding insight into why our perception of time changes—and how we can take charge of it in our own lives.