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John Gribbin

In Search of the Multiverse

You've probably heard of the idea that we live in one of many parallel universe. John Gribbin's recent book In search of the Multiverse takes a look at some of the science behind this idea, and where it may lead us.

The book starts with a look at the Everett interpretation of quantum theory, but doesn't stop there. Gribbin goes on to look at how an infinite universe may be considered as a collection of infinitely many individual universes. He also examines how universes might reproduce themselves, via mechanisms such as eternal inflation or even via intelligent beings in one universe creating new universes. Antropic arguments - in such a large collection of universes, some must be right for life - are a significant theme of the book.

It's important to be clear that this is highly speculative stuff, rather than a layman's account of Many Worlds quantum theory. There's nothing wrong with speculation, but personally I would rather hear about it directly from those who come up with the ideas. I'm also going off anthropic arguments, so this book didn't really suit me, and I wouldn't see it as a winner of the 2010 Royal society science book prize. However, others might get more out of it, as it does provide an easy to read introduction to a lot of interesting new ideas. info
Hardcover 250 pages  
ISBN: 1846141133
Salesrank: 9960499
Published: 2009 Allen Lane
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Hardcover 240 pages  
ISBN: 1846141133
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Published: 2009 Allen Lane
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Hardcover 250 pages  
ISBN: 1846141133
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Published: 2009 Allen Lane
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Product Description
John Gribbin's In Search of the Multiverse takes us on an extraordinary journey through the most fundamental questions in science, exploring the frontiers of reality itself. What are the boundaries of our universe? Could there be other worlds - do we actually live in a multiverse? Will we meet another 'us' in a different reality? Or are alternative worlds parallel but separate? John Gribbin guides us through the different theories about multiverses, along the way explaining the every latest thinking about gravity, about time and multiple dimensions, about quantum theory, about matter itself - and even the mind-bending possibility that one day we may be creating universes ourselves. John Gribbin is the best guide to the big questions of science. And there is no bigger question than our search for the multiverse. 'The master of popular science writing'
  Sunday Times 'In this universe at least, it's brilliant'
  BBC Focus 'Numerous books on the subject have appeared in the past few years, but Gribbin's stands out for succinctness and readability. Long renowned as one of Britain's finest popular science writers, Gribbin combines expert knowledge with straightforward, no-frills exposition'
  Scotland on Sunday John Gribbin is one of today's greatest writers of popular science and the author of bestselling books, including In Search of Schrödinger's Cat, Stardust, Science: A History and Deep Simplicity. Gribbin trained as an astrophysicist at Cambridge University and is currently Visiting Fellow in Astronomy at the University of Sussex.